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We are grateful for the support and advice provided by reviewers and advisers, including These occasional policy papers are non-papers. They are produced primarily for internal purposes and serve as a basis for promoting further discussion and policy analysis in their respective areas. They do not necessarily represent the official views of OCHA. They are(More)
Recent reports have implicated polymorphisms in the brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) gene region in the etiology of several psychiatric phenotypes, including bipolar disorder. Significant disease association has been reported for the G allele at SNP rs6265, which encodes for Valine at position 66 of BDNF (Val66Met), an apparently functional variant(More)
This communication describes the use of uncoated cellophane (regenerated cellulose films) for the fabrication of microplates, and the use of coated cellophane for the fabrication of open-channel microfluidic devices. The microplates based on uncoated cellophane are particularly interesting for applications that require high transparency in the ultraviolet(More)
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