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This investigation sought to determine if aging affected adaptations of the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) to exercise training. Twenty young adult (8 months) and 20 aged (24 months) rats were assigned to either a program of treadmill exercise, or sedentary conditions. Following the 10-week experimental period, rats were euthanized, and soleus and plantaris(More)
To examine the effects of aging on neuromuscular adaptations to resistance training (i.e., weight lifting), young (9 months of age) and aged (20 months of age) male rats either participated in a 7-week ladder climbing protocol with additional weight attached to their tails or served as controls (n = 10/group). At the conclusion, rats were euthanized and(More)
The capacity of pre-habilitative conditioning - exercise performed a priori - to mitigate neuromuscular maladaptations to disuse is unclear. This study evaluated pre-habilitation by examining neuromuscular junctions (NMJs) and the myofibers they innervate in young adult and aged muscles. Within each age category, 40 rats were divided into four treatment(More)
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