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Development and initial psychometric assessment of the rape avoidance inventory
Abstract Rape is a traumatic event with severe consequences for women. Therefore, women may have evolved psychological mechanisms that motivate them to avoid circumstances linked with rape. WeExpand
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It’s not all about her: Men’s mate value and mate retention
Men may have evolved psychological mechanisms that motivate mate retention behaviors to prevent their partners from being sexually unfaithful or defecting from the relationship because these eventsExpand
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Punishment, proprietariness, and paternity : Men's violence against women from an evolutionary perspective
In this article, we use an evolutionary perspective to examine intimate partner violence, focusing on men's violence against women. Previous examinations of intimate partner violence have typicallyExpand
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Mate attraction, retention and expulsion.
Sexual selection theory and parental investment theory have guided much of the evolutionary psychological research on human mating. Based on these theories, researchers have predicted and found sexExpand
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Mate value of romantic partners predicts men’s partner-directed verbal insults
Abstract To prevent a partner’s infidelity and defection from the relationship, men perform mate retention behaviors, sometimes inflicting costs on their partners. These cost-inflicting mateExpand
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Sex difference in travel is concentrated in adolescence and tracks reproductive interests
Sexual selection theory suggests that the sex with a higher potential reproductive rate will compete more strongly for access to mates. Stronger intra-sexual competition for mates may explain whyExpand
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Individual Differences in Women’s Rape Avoidance Behaviors
Rape can exact severe psychological, physical, and reproductive costs on women, and likely was a recurrent adaptive problem over human evolutionary history. Therefore, women may have evolvedExpand
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Men’s mate retention varies with men’s personality and their partner’s personality
Abstract Mate retention is the recurrent adaptive problem of retaining a mate in a relationship. Humans may have evolved mechanisms which motivate behavior in response to this problem. We examinedExpand
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Risk of Death or Life-Threatening Injury for Women with Children Not Sired by the Abuser
Women who are abused by their male intimate partners incur many costs, ranging in severity from fleeting physical pain to death. Previous research has linked the presence of children sired by aExpand
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Husband's Esteem Predicts his Mate Retention Tactics
delity or prevent their defection from the relationship. These tactics include low-risk acts that render the current relationship more attractive by bestowing benefits on the woman, as well asExpand
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