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Seven cats with squamous cell carcinoma involving the mandible were treated by surgery and radiotherapy. Surgery consisted of hemimandibulectomy or combined rostral and hemimandibulectomy, gastrostomy tube placement, and submandibular lymph node excisional biopsy. Radiotherapy (orthovoltage or 60Co) commenced 2 weeks after surgery. Histologically, the tumor(More)
The PIOTRON is a large solid angle superconducting channel built for the use of negative pi-mesons in radiotherapy. The pions are produced by protons of 590 MeV striking a target of molybdenum or beryllium. The pions are divided into 60 channels and deflected twice to enter the treatment volume radially. The momentum and the momentum band for all 60(More)
One dog and 2 cats were evaluated because of multiple progressively enlarging cutaneous vascular plaques. Biopsies were performed and revealed small well-circumscribed dermal nodules of dilated fully enclosed blood-filled spaces lined by single layers of endothelial cells aligned on thin fibrous walls, with minimal mitotic activity. A diagnosis of cutaneous(More)
Erythema ab igne, an old and rare disease in the human literature, is an erythematous, often pigmented, reticular, macular dermatosis that occurs at the site of repeated exposure to moderate heat. We identified lesions consistent with erythema ab igne in five dogs, three cats and one silvered langur (Trachypithecus cristatus[Raffles, 1821]). In dogs and(More)
In humans, mammary and extramammary Paget's disease is an uncommon to rare manifestation of intraepidermal adenocarcinoma arising from simple epithelium, usually glandular in origin. This report describes two cats with lesions in perianal skin consisting of atypical intraepidermal neoplastic cells. Differential diagnoses included intraepidermal(More)
Negative pi-meson (pion) therapy employing dynamic scanning with a focused spot of convergent beams has been in use since 1981 at SIN. Three-dimensional conformation of the treatment volume to the target volume can thus be achieved. Following previously reported Phase I and Ib clinical trials, a Phase II trial was initiated with the goal of treating primary(More)