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Sexual selection has been widely implicated as a driver of speciation. However, allopatric forms are often defined as species based on divergence in sexually selected traits and it is unclear how much such trait differences affect reproductive isolation upon secondary contact, the defining feature of biological species. We show that in birds, divergence in(More)
A fully automated protein precipitation technique for biological sample preparation has been developed for the quantitation of drugs in various biological matrixes. All liquid handling during sample preparation was automated using a Hamilton MicroLab Star Robotic workstation, which included the preparation of standards and controls from a Watson laboratory(More)
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  • 2013
The Australian Screen Association represents the film and television content and distribution industry in Australia. Our core mission is to advance the business and art of film making, increasing its enjoyment around the world. Our aim is to support, protect and promote the safe and legal consumption of movie and TV content across all platforms. This is(More)
In December 2006, the Australian Copyright Act was amended to introduce a new exception for cultural institutions: section 200AB. This section adopts a far more open-ended drafting style than the existing libraries and archives provisions, and was introduced with the intention of capturing some of the benefits of a flexible exception. However, the operation(More)
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