Emily J Howland

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The design, synthesis, biochemical, and biological evaluation of a novel series of 5-thia-2,6-diamino-4(3H)-oxopyrimidine inhibitors of glycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase (GART) are described. The compounds were designed using the X-ray crystal structure of human GART. The monocyclic 5-thiapyrimidinones were synthesized by coupling an alkyl thiol(More)
We assessed the involvement of the amygdala in a task in which object choices were guided by internal context. Rhesus monkeys were trained on a biconditional discrimination whereby objects associated with food (but not water) were baited when the monkey was hungry, and objects associated with water (but not food) were baited when the monkey was thirsty. To(More)
Acquired haemophilia was diagnosed following detailed investigation of a post-partum haemorrhage unresponsive to standard management. Circulating factor VIII inhibitors and low factor VIII levels were detected and intravenous DDAVP treatment lead to a resolution of symptoms. This case highlights the importance of haematological investigations in persisting(More)
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