Emily J. Douglas

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Adding fertiliser to sediments is an established way of studying the effects of eutrophication but a lack of consistent methodology, reporting on enrichment levels, or guidance on application rates precludes rigorous synthesis and meta-analysis. We developed a simple enrichment technique then applied it to 28 sites across an intertidal sandflat. Fertiliser(More)
The degradation of ecosystems is often associated with losses of large organisms and the concomitant losses of the ecological functions they mediate. Conversely, the resilience of ecosystems to stress is strongly influenced by faunal communities and their impacts on processes. Denitrification in coastal sediments is a process that may provide ecosystem(More)
Declining biodiversity and loss of ecosystem function threatens the ability of habitats to contribute ecosystem services. However, the form of the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function (BEF) and how relationships change with environmental change is poorly understood. This limits our ability to predict the consequences of biodiversity loss(More)
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