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Iron-Mediated Inhibition of Mitochondrial Manganese Uptake Mediates Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Hemochromatosis
Previous phenotyping of glucose homeostasis and insulin secretion in a mouse model of hereditary hemochromatosis (Hfe−/−) and iron overload suggested mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria fromExpand
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Survey Methods for Social Network Research
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Heme A synthase does not incorporate molecular oxygen into the formyl group of heme A.
Heme A is an obligatory cofactor in all eukaryotic and many prokaryotic cytochrome c oxidases. The final step in heme A biosynthesis requires the oxidation of the C8 methyl substituent on pyrroleExpand
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Sex and network recall accuracy
Abstract How does an individual's sex influence their recall of social relations? Extensive research has shown that social networks differ by sex and has attempted to explain these differences eitherExpand
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Successful Internet-Based Lifestyle Change Program on Body Weight and Markers of Metabolic Health
Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of an Internet-based 12-Week Healthy for Life Program in supporting weight loss and improvements in metabolic andExpand
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Women And Political Fundraising: Obstacles Overcome And Obstacles To Come