Emily Hansen

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UNLABELLED BACKGROUND To investigate and examine the factors associated with initiation of, and exclusive breastfeeding at hospital discharge of, late preterm (34 0/7 - 36 6/7 weeks) compared to 37 week gestation (37 0/7 - 37 6/7 week) mother and baby pairs. METHODS A retrospective population-based cohort study using a Perinatal National Minimum Data(More)
The serotonin 2A receptor gene (HTR2A) harbors two functional single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that are frequent in populations of African and European descent; rs6311, which affects mRNA expression, and rs6314, which changes the amino acid sequence of the encoded protein and affects the signaling properties of the receptor. Multiple clinical(More)
Multicentric Castleman Disease is largely driven by increased signaling in the pathway for the plasma cell growth factor interleukin-6. We hypothesized that interleukin-6/interleukin-6 receptor/gp130 polymorphisms contribute to increased interleukin-6 and/or other components of the interleukin-6 signaling pathway in HIV-negative Castleman Disease patients.(More)
To determine whether primary plasma cell leukemia (PPCL) remains a high-risk multiple myeloma feature in the context of contemporary therapy and gene-expression profiling (GEP), we reviewed records of 1474 patients with myeloma, who were enrolled in Total Therapy protocols or treated identically off protocol. A total of 27 patients (1.8%) were classified as(More)
BACKGROUND Of all births in Australia, 10 % are to young fathers aged less than 24 years. How young fathers experience any breastfeeding and how this is shaped by their social context is poorly understood. Our aim is to increase understanding of the lived experience of young fathers (aged less than 24 years) and to explore the way they speak about(More)
  • Richard Eccleston, Emily Hansen, Theresa Doherty, Mr Brendan Churchill
  • 2013
We welcome this timely Inquiry into the development, implementation and evaluation of integrated preventive health care programs in Tasmania. We have prepared this brief submission in our capacity as researchers from the fields of health policy and sociology with an active interest in studying the social, economic and environmental causes of health(More)
The goal of many microarray studies is to identify genes that are differentially expressed between two classes or populations. Many data analysts choose to estimate the false discovery rate (FDR) associated with the list of genes declared differentially expressed. Estimating an FDR largely reduces to estimating π 1, the proportion of differentially(More)
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