Emily G. Bloch

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The mRNA processing body (P-body) is a cellular structure that regulates the stability of cytoplasmic mRNA. MARF1 is a murine oocyte RNA-binding protein that is associated with maintenance of mRNA homeostasis and genomic stability. In this study, autoantibodies were used to identify Limkain B (LMKB), the human orthologue of MARF1, as a P-body component.(More)
Mesoporous silica grafted with a tertiary amine was used as a basic nanocatalyst to promote in confined medium the enantioselective cascade rearrangement of enediynes based on the phenomenon of memory of chirality; the multi-substrates recyclable catalytic reagent could easily be recovered by simple filtration, and reused without any decrease in activity(More)
A high-throughput gas adsorption apparatus is presented for the evaluation of adsorbents of interest in gas storage and separation applications. This instrument is capable of measuring complete adsorption isotherms up to 40 bar on six samples in parallel using as little as 60 mg of material. Multiple adsorption cycles can be carried out and four gases can(More)
As the search for functionalized materials for CO2 capture continues, the role of theoretical chemistry is becoming more and more central. In this work, a strategy is proposed where ab initio calculations are compared and validated by adsorption microcalorimetry experiments for a series of, so far unexplored, functionalized SBA-15 silicas with different(More)
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