Emily Fortuna

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Energy is increasingly a first-order concern in computer systems. Exploiting energy-accuracy trade-offs is an attractive choice in applications that can tolerate inaccuracies. Recent work has explored exposing this trade-off in programming models. A key challenge, though, is how to <i>isolate parts of the program that must be precise from those that can be(More)
Blind and deaf-blind people often rely on public transit for everyday mobility, but using transit can be challenging for them. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 13 blind and deaf-blind people to understand how they use public transit and what human values were important to them in this domain. Two key values were identified: <i>independence</i>(More)
Dynamic languages such as Javascript are the de-facto standard for web applications. However, generating efficient code for dynamically-typed languages is a challenge, because it requires frequent dynamic type checks. Our analysis has shown that some programs spend upwards of 20% of dynamic instructions doing type checks, and 12.9% on average. In this paper(More)
JavaScript is ubiquitous on the web. At the same time, the language's dynamic behavior makes optimizations challenging, leading to poor performance. In this paper we conduct a limit study on the potential parallelism of JavaScript applications, including popular web pages and standard JavaScript benchmarks. We examine dependency types and looping behavior(More)
Atomicity violations and violations of sequential consistency are two broad classes of concurrency errors that reduce the reliability of software. These failures often occur when different processors interleave their memory accesses at a fine grain. Greedy Coherence (GreCo) is a simple hardware technique that delays responses to some coherence requests to(More)
We conducted interviews with blind and deaf-blind people to understand how they use the public transit system. In this paper, we discuss key challenges our participants faced and present a tool we developed to alleviate these challenges. We built this tool on <i>MoBraille</i>, a novel framework that enables a Braille display to benefit from many features in(More)
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