Emily Fernández-García

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An alpha(1) adrenoceptor (alpha(1)-AdR) assay using [(3)H]prazosin binding in mouse brain is described which allows in vivo determination of central alpha(1)-AdR occupancy for ligands with alpha(1)-AdR affinity. Binding of [3H]prazosin in rat and mouse brain membranes in vitro was used to characterise the pharmacological profile of alpha(1)-AdRs in order to(More)
This study compares the lipid composition, including individual phospholipid molecular species of solubilized nAChR detergent complexes (nAChR-DCs) with those of the bulk lipids from their source, Torpedo californica (Tc) electric tissue. This lipidomic analysis revealed seventy-seven (77) phospholipid species in the Tc tissue. Analysis of affinity-purified(More)
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