Emily Feder

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In surveillance and environmental monitoring applications , it is common to have millions of images of a particular scene. While there exist tools to find particular events, anomalies, human actions and behaviors, there has been little investigation of tools which allow more exploratory searches in the data. This paper proposes modifications to PCA that(More)
Camera keyframing is an integral part of the animation making process. The animator places the camera in a sequence of "key" positions, and the computer produces a set of intermediate camera locations that interpolates between these keyframes. Camera keyframing traditionally treats the camera as just another 3D object in the scene, with intermediate frames(More)
Figure 1: Specifying a camera motion using in-screen constraints. Top row: (Left) The user specifies the path the horse should take using the spline curve (red dots). They use the blue circles to specify that the horse starts out big and gets small. (Middle, Right) The user also specifies the desired viewing direction at two other points in time. Middle(More)
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