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Phagocytosis by cells of the innate immune system, such as macrophages, and the subsequent successful maturation of the phagosome, is key for the clearance of pathogens. The fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans is known to overcome killing by host phagocytes and both replicate within these cells and also escape via a non-lytic process termed vomocytosis.(More)
Quorum sensing was once considered a way in which a species was able to sense its cell density and regulate gene expression accordingly. However, it is now becoming apparent that multiple microbes can sense particular quorum-sensing molecules, enabling them to sense and respond to other microbes in their neighbourhood. Such interactions are significant(More)
Health-care systems are under increasing pressure to deliver more care with similar or even less resources and there is concern that this may be achieved at the cost of reduced clinical effectiveness. In Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), the Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA) has been widely adopted as a way of increasing the(More)
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