Emily E. Miller

Michael B Hennessy2
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Terrence Deak1
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2Michael B Hennessy
1Ashley L Lennox
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1Terrence Deak
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A previous study found that intracerebroventricular (ICV) infusion of 25 microg of alpha-MSH reduced the passive responses (crouched stance, eye-closing, piloerection) of guinea pig pups during a 3-h isolation in a novel environment. Because alpha-MSH has broad anti-inflammatory properties, the results suggested that proinflammatory factors play a role in(More)
  • Louis-Jan Pilaz, John J McMahon, Emily E Miller, Ashley L Lennox, Aussie Suzuki, Edward Salmon +1 other
  • 2016
Embryonic neocortical development depends on balanced production of progenitors and neurons. Genetic mutations disrupting progenitor mitosis frequently impair neurogenesis; however, the link between altered mitosis and cell fate remains poorly understood. Here we demonstrate that prolonged mitosis of radial glial progenitors directly alters neuronal fate(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective was to perform competitive usability testing to assess the user experience of conventional laparoscopic and laparoendoscopic single-site surgery (LESS) devices. BACKGROUND Recent advancements in single-incision instrumentation have created more interest in and usage of LESS. However, neither LESS nor its novel multichannel access(More)
When isolated rat pups are briefly reunited with a lactating female, her subsequent removal leads to a dramatic increase in the emission of ultrasonic vocalizations, but not other behaviors. Whether this socially induced augmentation of isolation behavior (i.e., "potentiation") is characteristic only of altricial rodents is not known. Therefore, we examined(More)
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