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Little is known about what types of health information young adults seek online. A survey was conducted at a diverse community college to assess what health topics students seek online, and analyzed on the basis of smoking status. The most popular topic was found to be health/nutrition. Tobacco/smoking information was the least sought after topic even(More)
OBJECTIVE Health information retrieval (HIR) on the Internet has become an important practice for millions of people, many of whom have problems forming effective queries. We have developed and evaluated a tool to assist people in health-related query formation. DESIGN We developed the Health Information Query Assistant (HIQuA) system. The system suggests(More)
A method is described in which work sample data were analyzed to reveal how aircraft maintenance technicians differed in troubleshooting performance after a training intervention. During the training phase of the study, approximately half the technicians received troubleshooting instruction from an intelligent tutoring system, and the remaining technicians(More)
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