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Several alternative algorithms for computer-assisted derivation of measurements of movement characteristics from manually reconstructed tracks of progressively motile human spermatozoa were compared. Fifty tracks were reconstructed at 30 Hz from video recordings and analysed using traditional manual methods and by four combinations of computer algorithms.(More)
To test the hypothesis that glycerol would concomitantly affect sperm membrane structure and the function of the intact cells, boar semen (4 ejaculates from 4 boars) was cryopreserved in an egg yolk extender with 0%, 2%, 4%, or 8% glycerol in 0.5-mL straws using previously derived optimal cooling and thawing rates. Increasing glycerol concentrations(More)
A multi-objective linked simulation and optimization (LSO) model for a three dimensional saltwater intrusion problem has been developed. The LSO employs HST3D and Box's algorithm. The weighting method of multi-objective optimization solves the multi-objective planning problem. The model is capable of determining the optimal pumping rates that minimize the(More)
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