Emily Carrow

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Mice from six genetically distinct strains were examined for their immune responses to Candida albicans in in vitro and in vivo assays, and naive mice and mice immunized with the fungus were challenged intravenously with three different doses of C. albicans to determine differences in susceptibility. Naive mice from the six groups showed substantial(More)
Immune regulation in candidiasis is inferred from studies of both human and animal infection, with a suppressive role suggested for cell wall polysaccharide. To study the immunosuppressive potential of Candida albicans in a murine model, whole blastoconidia or purified cell wall components of C. albicans were tested for their effects on the development of(More)
An immune defect in CBA/N mice diminishes their ability to respond adequately to certain well-defined antigens. Since the contribution of T and B cells to immunity in candidiasis has not been clearly defined, it was hoped that CBA/N mice might prove a useful model for the study of specific responses to Candida albicans. Therefore, immunodeficient CBA/N and(More)
Female C3H/HeJ mice were immunized parenterally and/or intragastrically with two important food allergens, soy and shrimp. Although both preparations elicited specific IgE production when administered intraperitoneally, anti-shrimp titers were consistently higher. Soy or shrimp administration, i.g. with Pertussis adjuvant (intraperitoneally or(More)
The continued discovery and development of adjuvants for vaccine formulation are important to safely increase potency and/or reduce the antigen doses of existing vaccines and tailor the adaptive immune response to newly developed vaccines. Adjuplex is a novel adjuvant platform based on a purified lecithin and carbomer homopolymer. Here, we analyzed the(More)
CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) are critical for clearing many viral infections, and protective CTL memory can be induced by vaccination with attenuated viruses and vectors. Non-replicating vaccines are typically potentiated by the addition of adjuvants that enhance humoral responses, however few are capable of generating CTL responses. Adjuplex is a(More)
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