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Hemispheric Asymmetry and Visuo-Olfactory Integration in Perceiving Subthreshold (Micro) Fearful Expressions
Cross-modal threat integration in basic visual perception in humans that captures minimal threat information, especially in the blind right hemifield is indicated, which may underlie the multifaceted fear experiences of everyday life. Expand
Decomposing fear perception: A combination of psychophysics and neurometric modeling of fear perception
The combination of early categorization and late valuation of fear reconciles conflicting (categorical versus dimensional) emotion accounts, lending support to a hybrid model. Expand
Utility of the Compensatory Tracking Task for Objective Differentiation of Hypersomnolence in Depression: A High-Density EEG Investigation
Though the CTT still holds promise as an objective neurobehavioral measure, these results do not indicate a capability to differentiate EDS from non-EDS in mood disorders. Expand