Emily C Ross

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The purpose of this study was to examine basic ocular motor function in individuals with migraine. We used an infrared eye-tracking system to measure horizontal smooth pursuit to a sinusoidal target, saccades to horizontal target displacements of 5-20 degrees , and the stability of fixation in 19 migraine without aura (MoA), 19 migraine with aura (MA) and(More)
Perceived racial discrimination (PRD) has been associated with altered diurnal cortisol rhythms in past cross-sectional research. We investigate whether developmental histories of PRD, assessed prospectively, are associated with adult diurnal cortisol profiles. One-hundred and twelve (N=50 Black, N=62 White) adults from the Maryland Adolescent Development(More)
iii coding and cis-regulatory regions of four genes (CASP1, CD38, EEF1D, and SOCS1) differentially expressed in progressors and nonprogressors during the chronic phase of infection (Bosinger et. al. 2009). Results indicate these genes are largely conserved in these primates and have experienced negative selection. Furthermore, nonprogressors do not share(More)
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