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Facultative pupal mating in Heliconius erato: Implications for mate choice, female preference, and speciation
Abstract Mating systems have broad impacts on how sexual selection and mate choice operate within a species, but studies of mating behavior in the laboratory may not reflect how these processes occurExpand
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T-DNA associated reciprocal translocation reveals differential survival of male and female gametes
Abstract In Arabidopsis thaliana, chromosomal rearrangements are commonly associated with compound T-DNA insertions due to endogenous double-stranded break and repair mechanisms. During theExpand
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Association of Biological and Self-Reported Stress Measures with Cardiovascular Disease and Risk Factors among Adults with Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Purpose and Background/Significance :  Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) are prevalent comorbid health conditions and are among the leading causes of prematureExpand
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SYMPOSIUM: Global change and ecosystem resilience: managing threats to sustainability
Ecological disturbance regimes are changing due to a combination of effects from both direct human influences and climate change. Wildfire regimes in particular are being affected due to interactionsExpand
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Patient Perceptions on Telehealth for Managing Healthcare Needs
Background: Current evidence supports telehealth as a promising approach to increasing access to care and improving patient outcomes. However, provider and patient perspectives on telehealth canExpand