Emily Blackwell

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1 Administration of isoprenaline by aerosol inhalation to man results in over 80% being metabolized to the sulphate conjugate.2 The majority of an inhaled dose is probably swallowed since the metabolic pattern resembles that after an oral dose.3 Isoprenaline, administered in aqueous solution directly into the bronchial tree in both man and dog, is rapidly(More)
Much of the global canine population is now overweight, and this can adversely affect health, lifespan and quality of life. Undesirable behaviours are also common in pet dogs, and these can adversely affect welfare, as well as being stressful to owners. However, links between obesity and behavioural disorders have never previously been explored. An online(More)
1 The metabolism of terbutaline (1-(3,5-dihydroxyphenyl)-2-tertiarybutylamino-ethanol), a drug which acts selectively on β(2)-adrenoceptors has been studied in man and dog. 2 The sulphate conjugate of terbutaline was the only metabolite identified in plasma or urine from humans or dogs given the drug either orally or intravenously. We have confirmed that(More)
Regular physical activity is an important means of promoting health, both in people and their pets. Walking is the most common method used for dogs, but there is a lack of clarity on how much daily activity different breeds of dog require. Data from an online survey of UK dog owners were collected between June and August in 2014. The University of Liverpool(More)
Canine obesity is now the number one health concern in dogs worldwide. Regular physical activity can improve health, and owners are advised to exercise their dogs on a regular basis. However, limited information exists about associations between overweight status of dogs and walking activity. An online survey was conducted between June and August in 2014,(More)
in July 1971, another (48) has not been seen since October 1967, and three (8, 13, and 24) had emigrated in good health in 1968, 1969, and 1971, respectively. Eleven patients had died. The table shows the actual number of deaths compared with the expected number in 5-year age groups. Cerebrovascular disease probably caused death in four cases, and(More)