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The competitive dominance of mussels in the wave-swept rocky intertidal zone is in part due to their ability to maintain a secure attachment. Mussels are tethered to the substratum by a byssus composed of numerous extracellular, collagenous threads secreted by the foot. Each byssal thread has three serially arranged parts: a corrugated proximal region, a(More)
To examine the effect of gender on regional brain activity, we utilized functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) during a motor task and three cognitive tasks; a word generation task, a spatial attention task, and a working memory task in healthy male (n = 23) and female (n = 10) volunteers. Functional data were examined for group differences both in(More)
Our understanding of how flow affects the survival of members of the Gigartinaceae has advanced considerably in recent years. In particular, methods have been developed that give phycologists a powerful tool with which to predict mechanistically the survival of waveswept macroalgae. One limitation of such methods, however, is the lack of hydrodynamic data(More)
Sacred values, such as those associated with religious or ethnic identity, underlie many important individual and group decisions in life, and individuals typically resist attempts to trade off their sacred values in exchange for material benefits. Deontological theory suggests that sacred values are processed based on rights and wrongs irrespective of(More)
BACKGROUND Deep brain stimulation is an approved and effective neurosurgical intervention for motor disorders such as PD and ET. Deep brain stimulation may also be effective in treating a number of psychiatric disorders, including treatment refractory depression and OCD. Although DBS is a widely accepted therapy in motor disorders, it remains an invasive(More)
The current and potential uses of neuroimaging in healthcare and beyond have spurred discussion about the ethical issues related to neuroimaging and neuroimaging research. This study examined the perspectives of neuroimagers on ethical issues in their research and on the ethics review process. One hundred neuroimagers from 13 Canadian neuroscience centers(More)
Animal studies of short-term progesterone administration and withdrawal model the natural increase and abrupt decrease in progesterone levels which occur in the late luteal phase (LP) of the human menstrual cycle (MC). Previously, studies in animals have shown that abrupt cessation of chronic or short-term progesterone administration results in(More)
BACKGROUND Dextroamphetamine is known to have profound effects on both subjective and physiologic measurements, but it is unclear to what extent these behavioral changes are a direct result of altered regional brain activation. One method to measure this is to use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). METHODS In the present study, fMRI was used to(More)
Dextroamphetamine administration in healthy controls produces a range of subjective and physiological effects, which have been likened to those occurring during mania. However, it is uncertain if these can be attenuated by lithium since conflicting results have been reported. To date there have been no previous studies examining the effects of valproate on(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary rehabilitation is widely advocated for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to improve exercise capacity, symptoms and quality of life, however only a minority of individuals with COPD are able to participate. Travel and transport are frequently cited as barriers to uptake of centre-based programs. Other models of(More)