Emily Bakker

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INTRODUCTION Dietary nitrate (NO3(-)) supplementation serves as an exogenous source of nitrite (NO2(-)) and nitric oxide (NO) through the NO3(-) - NO2(-) - NO pathway, and may improve vascular functions during normoxia. The effects of NO3(-) supplementation in healthy lowlanders during hypobaric hypoxia are unknown. PURPOSE Determine the effect of acute(More)
Combination immunotherapy has resulted in a number of impressive outcomes in mouse models and clinical settings. In this study, we report that a timed triple immunotherapy (TTI) protocol using 3 agonist antibodies (anti-CD25mAb, anti-TGF-βmAb, and anti-CTLA-4mAb) produced complete clearance of established AB1 murine mesothelioma tumors. Combining all 3(More)
A large proportion of elite cross-country skiers suffer from chronic anterior compartment syndrome (CACS). This study used surface electromyograms (EMGs) to investigate whether differences existed in the activation characteristics of the tibialis anterior muscle between elite cross-country skiers with a history of anterior compartment pain (symptomatic(More)
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