Emily B Nuechterlein

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UNLABELLED Back pain is common in the general population, but only a subgroup of back pain patients develops a disabling chronic pain state. The reasons for this are incompletely understood, but recent evidence implies that both preexisting and pain-related variations in the structure and function of the nervous system may contribute significantly to the(More)
The absence of consistent end organ abnormalities in many chronic pain syndromes has led to a search for maladaptive CNS mechanisms that may explain their clinical presentations and course. Here, we addressed the role of brain regional μ-opioid receptor-mediated neurotransmission, one of the best recognized mechanisms of pain regulation, in chronic back(More)
This study investigates differences in μ-opioid receptor mediated neurotransmission in healthy controls and overnight-abstinent smokers, and potential effects of the OPRM1 A118G genotype. It also examines the effects of smoking denicotinized (DN) and average nicotine (N) cigarettes on the μ-opioid system. Positron emission tomography with (11)C-carfentanil(More)
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