Emily B Morrison

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Acute oliguric renal failure requiring hemodialysis developed in a 59-year-old man who had myasthenia gravis. A renal biopsy on day 21 was diagnostic of tubulointerstitial nephritis. Despite regular hemodialysis, the patient died of complications 17 weeks after the onset of oliguria. At post-mortem examination, a thymoma was found, and renal histopathology(More)
Both birds and bats are important insect predators in tropical systems. However, the relative influence of birds and bats on insect populations and their indirect effects on leaf damage have not previously been investigated in tropical forest restoration sites. Leaf damage by herbivorous insects can negatively affect the growth and survival of tropical(More)
A patient with massive gastrointestinal hemorrhage found to be bleeding from a diverticulum of the appendix is presented. Appendectomy was curative and pathologic changes were those associated with colonic diverticular hemorrhage. A review of the literature reveals this to be a previously unreported cause of gastrointestinal bleeding.
Understanding distribution patterns and multitrophic interactions is critical for managing bat- and bird-mediated ecosystem services such as the suppression of pest and non-pest arthropods. Despite the ecological and economic importance of bats and birds in tropical forests, agroforestry systems, and agricultural systems mixed with natural forest, a(More)
The purpose of this research was to investigate the perception of elderly and chronically ill patients regarding the spoken communication that occurs in a long-term care institution. Twenty-four patients were given a focused semi-standardized interview to investigate their perception of how much they talked, their communication partners, where they talked,(More)
The clinical and pathologic findings are reported in seven consecutive patients with progressive and fatal pulmonary hypertension which was not explained by predisposing cardiac or pulmonary diseases. Pulmonary arterial lesions consisted of atherosclerosis of the elastic pulmonary arteries, and medial hypertrophy and concentric laminar fibrosis of the(More)
An unusual case of simultaneously occurring acute syphilitic hepatic and renal disease is presented and a concise literature review of both the pathological and clinical findings in this disease is included. Hepatic and renal biopsies were useful in excluding other diagnostic possibilities and in establishing the correct diagnosis in the case presented.
The purpose of the present study was to examine the divergent semantic behaviors of 30 persons with aphasia in comparison to these same behaviors in a group of 30 normal individuals. Specifically, this study examined fluency or the number of ideas produced, flexibility or the variety of ideas produced, and communality within each subject group and between(More)