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Thermalization and Canonical Typicality in Translation-Invariant Quantum Lattice Systems
It has previously been suggested that small subsystems of closed quantum systems thermalize under some assumptions; however, this has been rigorously shown so far only for systems with very weak
Spooky Action at a Temporal Distance
The origins of the assumption of temporal locality are investigated, arguing that it has arisen for historical and pragmatic reasons rather than good scientific ones, then it is explained why temporal locality is in tension with relativity and some recent results which cast doubt on its validity.
Device-Independent Relativistic Quantum Bit Commitment
This work describes relativistic quantum bit commitment schemes that are immune to space-time location attacks, and shows that these schemes offer device-independent security against hypothetical post-quantum adversaries subject only to the no-signalling principle.
Quantum paradox of choice: More freedom makes summoning a quantum state harder
This work was partially supported by an FQXi grant and by Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Research at Perimeter Institute is supported by the Government of Canada through Industry Canada
Quantum Mechanics and Global Determinism
It is proposed that certain features of quantum mechanics may be perspectival effects, which arise because experiments performed on locally accessible variables can only uncover a certain subset of
Deterministic Relativistic Quantum Bit Commitment
New unconditionally secure bit commitment schemes whose security is based on Minkowski causality and the monogamy of quantum entanglement are described, and it is shown that these schemes still offer near-perfect security in the presence of losses and errors.
Poincare and Special Relativity
Henri Poincare's work on mathematical features of the Lorentz transformations was an important precursor to the development of special relativity. In this paper I compare the approaches taken by
Laws of Nature as Constraints
  • Emily Adlam
  • Philosophy
    Foundations of Physics
  • 28 September 2021
The laws of nature have come a long way since the time of Newton: quantum mechanics and relativity have given us good reasons to take seriously the possibility of laws which may be non-local,