Emily A Thompson

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Genetic data from polymorphic microsatellite loci were employed to estimate paternity and maternity in a local population of nine-banded armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus) in northern Florida. The parentage assessments took advantage of maximum likelihood procedures developed expressly for situations when individuals of neither gender can be excluded a(More)
Ebola virus disease in humans is highly lethal, with case fatality rates ranging from 25 to 90%. There is no licensed treatment or vaccine against the virus, underscoring the need for efficacious countermeasures. We ascertained that a human survivor of the 1995 Kikwit Ebola virus disease outbreak maintained circulating antibodies against the Ebola virus(More)
Relationships among subjective and behavioral components of maternal role attainment were investigated separately for 64 primiparous and 60 multiparous mothers. The influence of contextual variables on maternal behavior was also examined. Subjects were medically low risk with normal infants. Attitudes toward themselves and their infants and feelings of(More)
Liver transplant biopsies are routinely archived following formalin fixation and paraffin embedding and may provide an additional source of diagnostic information following transcriptomic biomarker analysis. This study was designed to compare gene transcription between resting and stressed biliary cells in culture, these cells after fixation and embedding(More)
BACKGROUND Our objective was to conduct a pilot study to determine if transcervical administration of polidocanol foam (PF) with or without doxycycline or benzalkonium chloride (BZK) would prevent pregnancy in baboons. METHODS In study phase 1, adult cycling baboons underwent a hysterosalpingogram to evaluate tubal patency prior to transcervical infusion(More)
Nanocomposites are becoming a new paradigm in thermoelectric study: by incorporating nanophase(s) into a bulk matrix, a nanocomposite often exhibits unusual thermoelectric properties beyond its constituent phases. To date most nanophases are binary, while reports on ternary nanoinclusions are scarce. In this work, we conducted an exploratory study of(More)
We investigate the possibility of including multivariate analysis (MVA) in the standard X-Pipeline gravitational wave (GW) burst search analysis for a single detector. MVA has been very effective in data analysis involving high energy particle physics, and is very promising in showing similar results in the GW data analysis community as well. We use the(More)
In the analysis looking for the signature X → HH → b ¯ bb ¯ b, where X is the Randall-Sundrum Graviton (RSG), this paper reveals the preliminary results and preparation work done to optimize the p T cut that we can make on the leading jet to optimize the limits that we can set on the cross section for the RSG particle. The limit setting is done using a(More)