Emily A. Marshall

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We provide a complete structural characterization of K2,4-minor-free graphs. The 3-connected K2,4minor-free graphs consist of nine small graphs on at most eight vertices, together with a family of planar graphs that contains K4 and, for each n ≥ 5, 2n − 8 nonisomorphic graphs of order n. To describe the 2-connected K2,4-minor-free graphs we use(More)
A double integral formula is derived for the distortion in an autoradiographic image due to electron "cross-fire", and a deconvolution procedure for image restoration using a fast Fourier transform algorithm is developed. The technique is applied to a simulated autoradiograph of a uniform disc source and is found to give excellent results. Further image(More)
A generalised mathematical model of hepatic biliary tracer flows is formulated in terms of physiologically identifiable transport parameters. From a particular solution derived from this, the system response to intravenous administration of Tc99m IDA biliary tracer is predicted. Minimisation procedures applied to this solution combined with experimental(More)
A well-known conjecture of Grünbaum and Nash-Williams proposes that 4-connected toroidal graphs are hamiltonian. The corresponding results for 4-connected planar and projective-planar graphs were proved by Tutte and by Thomas and Yu, respectively, using induction arguments that proved a stronger result, that every edge is on a hamilton cycle. However, this(More)
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