Emily A. Hagan

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Gecko adhesion is expected to be temperature insensitive over the range of temperatures typically experienced by geckos. Previous work is limited and equivocal on whether this expectation holds. We tested the temperature dependence of adhesion in Tokay and Day geckos and found that clinging ability at 12 degrees C was nearly double the clinging ability at(More)
In the spring of 2013, a newly pathogenic H7N9 influenza virus emerged in people in China, likely associated with wild and domestic birds (Kageyama et al. 2013). Marking the exact scenario that public health experts had feared— people were being infected, getting sick, and dying without the source of the virus being rapidly and definitively identified. In(More)
Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) infection of natural hosts is characterized by nonpathogenic chronic viremia, maintenance of gastrointestinal epithelial barrier integrity, and low numbers of target cells. Assessment of cell-associated virus load in T cell subsets in multiple anatomic compartments of chronically SIV-infected sabeus African green monkeys(More)
Economically and politically disruptive disease outbreaks are a hallmark of the 21st century. Although pandemics are driven by human behaviours, current surveillance systems for identifying pandemic threats are largely reliant on the monitoring of disease outcomes in clinical settings. Standardized integrated biological-behavioural surveillance could, and(More)
Inhibition of acid secretion of the frog fundus is generally accompanied by an increase in transmucosal resistance, Rt, and in potential difference, PD (nutrient normally positive). These results are predicted for the intact tissue by an electrogenic proton pump. It has been suggested that the increase in PD with inhibition can also be explained by a(More)
iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This accomplishment would not have been possible without the dedication and support of many people. First, I would like to thank my advisor, Donald G. Stein, not only for his guidance and assistance with this project, but for providing the chance for me to complete my graduate career in a research area that makes a difference to the(More)
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