Emily A Cooke

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Surgeons often encourage patients to move their feet in an attempt to prevent venous stasis, but there is little evidence that this measure is beneficial. We investigated the effect of active movement of one foot on the venous blood flow four days after total hip replacement. The actual venous outflow at rest was measured with use of venous occlusion(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal diet for pregnancy that is complicated by excessive weight is unknown. OBJECTIVE We aimed to examine the effects of a low-glycemic load (low-GL) diet in overweight and obese pregnant women. DESIGN We randomly assigned 46 overweight or obese pregnant women to receive a low-GL or a low-fat diet. Participants received(More)
The mechanisms by which graduated compression stockings prevent deep venous thrombosis are not completely understood. In the current study the physiologic effect of low-pressure graduated compression stockings on the venous blood flow in the lower limb and the practical aspects of their use were assessed. Patients having elective orthopaedic surgery at a(More)
The effect of surgery for femoral neck fracture on whole blood coagulation and the relationship of altered coagulation to deep venous thrombosis were investigated in 250 patients. Whole blood coagulation was measured using thrombelastography preoperatively, in the early postoperative period and at 6-week review. Significant hypercoagulability was(More)
The effect of surgery for femoral neck fracture on lower limb venous blood flow and its relationship to deep vein thrombosis was investigated in 179 patients. Blood flow was measured using strain gauge plethysmography before surgery, in the 1st week after surgery, and at 6 week review. There was a significant reduction in both venous outflow and venous(More)
BACKGROUND Fatty liver is highly prevalent among obese children and represents a major risk factor for chronic liver diseases and severe metabolic complications. METHODS We randomly assigned 17 obese children 8-17 years of age with fatty liver to either an experimental low-glycemic-load or conventional low-fat diet for 6 months. Participants in both(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine whether temporal patterns of food selection during binges in obese subjects with binge eating disorder (BED) differ from those of patients with bulimia nervosa (BN). METHOD Ten obese women with BED and 10 weight-matched women without BED each consumed a multiple-item meal identical to that used in previous(More)
We studied the effect of total knee replacement on venous flow in 110 patients. Resting venous blood flow was measured using strain-gauge plethysmography before operation, after surgery and after discharge from hospital. There was a significant reduction in mean venous capacitance (p < 0.001) and mean venous outflow (p < 0.004) affecting only the operated(More)
A postal survey was carried out to determine the attitudes to the use of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) in joint replacement among two representative groups of orthopaedic surgeons practising in the UK. 72% of hip surgeons and 51% of knee surgeons replying had used LMWHs for deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis in joint replacement patients. Of these, 48%(More)