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The mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPKs) have been classified into at least six subfamilies, among which ERK1/2, JNK1/2 and p38 MAPK are the most extensively studied. The steroid hormones 1alpha,25-dihydroxy-Vitamin D(3) and 17beta-estradiol promote biological responses through activation of MAPK cascades in various cell types. We previously reported(More)
The relative contribution of each sex steroid (i.e. estrogen and androgen) on bone in men and the relationships among sex steroids and changes in BMD and bone strength are still unknown. A defective BMD of bone tissue is constantly present in men with aromatase deficiency. This study evaluates the effects of different regimens of treatment with sex steroids(More)
New concepts and methods of study in bone biomechanics defy the prevailing idea that bone strength is determined by a systemically-controlled "mineralized mass" which grows until reaching a peak and then is lost at individually-specific rates. In case of bones, "mass" represents actually the substratum of a structure, the stiffness of which does not depend(More)
Oral nitrogen containing bisphosphonates (NCB) are effective drugs to inhibit bone metabolism turnover in osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Notwithstanding, some digestive disturbances create concern on the long term acceptance of the oral route. Side effects are mainly caused by low absorption and poor solubility in digestive content. Therefore the(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to test the bioequivalence of two alendronate tablets (CAS 121268-17-5; Marvil 10 and Marvil 70 as test formulations, in short "test"; reference formulation, in short "reference") in vitro and in vivo in healthy adult male subjects and to describe a mode for researching the bisphosphonate oral formulation pharmaceutical(More)
The net absorbable amount of pamidronate (APD), according to AUC values assessed in blood, in the customary dose interval of 24 hours, was found to be similar in 8 healthy young volunteers, who received single doses of 3 capsules of 100 mg APD (AUC0-24 = 510.3 +/- 91.5 micrograms/L x h-1) and 2 tablets of 150 mg (AUC0-24 = 580.5 +/- 117.6 micrograms/L x(More)
Continuous oral pamidronate (APD), 1000 mg/day, was administered to 14 patients with rheumatoid arthritis. A control group of 13 patients with similar conditions received placebo under a double blind randomized study design. Periarticular erosion scores were significantly higher in the control group after 12 months treatment. This was attributed to a(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of local sympathectomy on mandibular bone during tooth eruption in rats. METHODS The effect of a unilateral superior cervical ganglionectomy (Gx) on morphometry of ipsi- and contralateral mandible and volumetric bone density (as assessed by peripheral computed tomography) was examined 30 days after surgery. RESULTS Only a(More)