Emilio Roldán

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OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of local sympathectomy on mandibular bone during tooth eruption in rats. METHODS The effect of a unilateral superior cervical ganglionectomy (Gx) on morphometry of ipsi- and contralateral mandible and volumetric bone density (as assessed by peripheral computed tomography) was examined 30 days after surgery. RESULTS Only a(More)
New concepts and methods of study in bone biomechanics defy the prevailing idea that bone strength is determined by a systemically-controlled "mineralized mass" which grows until reaching a peak and then is lost at individually-specific rates. In case of bones, "mass" represents actually the substratum of a structure, the stiffness of which does not depend(More)
The mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPKs) have been classified into at least six subfamilies, among which ERK1/2, JNK1/2 and p38 MAPK are the most extensively studied. The steroid hormones 1alpha,25-dihydroxy-Vitamin D(3) and 17beta-estradiol promote biological responses through activation of MAPK cascades in various cell types. We previously reported(More)
Three different regions of interest (ROIs) were defined in pQCT scans (XCT-3000 machine, Stratec, Germany) taken at the tibial mid-diaphyses of 12 pre-menopausal (pre-MP) and 12 post-menopausal (post-MP) women who were otherwise normal, according to the volumetric bone mineral density (vBMD) value of their corresponding pixels (voxels) as assessed by their(More)
15 Natural selection may often favor coordination between different traits, or phenotypic 16 integration, in order to most efficiently acquire and deploy scarce resources. As leaves are the 17 primary photosynthetic organ in plants, many have proposed that leaf physiology, biochemistry, 18 and anatomical structure are coordinated along a functional trait(More)
Previous studies with standard densitometry (DXA) have suggested that the bone mass is strongly dependent on the muscle mass in the species, following a similar relationship at any age and sex hormones or related factors potentiate that relationship. Studies with pQCT indicated that the surplus bone mass per unit of muscle mass previously observed in(More)
A new design for a true-linear generator suitable for electrochemical measures is presented. The main component of generation system is an MAX038 chip, a high-frequency relaxation-type oscillator. The design is completed with a digital interface for computer control and an output stage to make signal suitable for cyclic voltammetry experiments. A digital(More)
Some pharmacologic effects on bone modeling may not be evident in studies of remodeling skeletons. This study analyzes some effects of olpadronate on cortical bone modeling and post-yield properties in femurs diaphyses (virtually only-modeling bones) of young rats by mid-diaphyseal pQCT scans and bending tests. We studied 20/22 male/female animals traetad(More)
INTRODUCTION The allostatic load model explains the additive effects of multiple biological processes that accelerate pathophysiology related to stress, particularly in the central nervous system. Stress-related mental conditions such as anxiety disorders and neuroticism (a well-known stress vulnerability factor), have been linked to disturbances of(More)