Emilio Rodriguez Priego

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SOA proposed security mechanisms are only centered in the data transmitted between service provider and consumer. However, it’s well known that the biggest threats to the integrity of the information are precisely focused not on the data directly but on the code that manages it. Our main statement is that it will only be possible to reach an acceptable(More)
While developing an integral security model to be used in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) context, we find a lot of ambiguities and inaccuracies when authors speak of models, metamodels, profiles and so on. This led us to study a great number of references in a search for precise definitions to help us to address our research. Our study and(More)
When modeling tasks are performed, it is important that the different modeling team members share a common vocabulary. This implies not only agreement on the terminology itself but especially on the meaning of the terms used. To this end it comes in handy to have graphical tools for sharing and analyzing the knowledge dispersed throughout different sources.(More)
Nowadays, security approaches and solutions for SOA focus mainly on messages and data, but they forget the code security (both service code and exchanged code). Moreover, some security aspects (e.g. validity, correctness...) are usually forgotten. We state that any security approach will be incomplete if the security of both data (messages) and code(More)
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