Emilio Pérez

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VIP is a peptide synthesised in the pituitary gland and is involved in the stimulation of prolactin secretion. However, to date it has not been determined whether VIP is able to regulate the proliferation of pituitary prolactin-producing cells, like other factors involved in the regulation of prolactin such as estradiol or dopamine. The aim of the present(More)
This work presents a multi-modal interface that can be used for communication of people with disabilities. The interface is installed onboard a robotic wheelchair, and provides flexibility to choose different modalities for communication by people with different levels of disabilities. Users can use the interface through eye blinks, eye movements, head(More)
This paper proposes an explicit solution to the model predictive control of linear systems subject to non-convex polyhedral constraints. These constraints are modeled as the union of a finite number of convex polyhedra. The algorithm is based on calculating the explicit solution to a modified problem with linear constraints defined as the convex hull of the(More)