Emilio Pérez

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In this work, we study the reinforcement of polymers by mechanically interlocked derivatives of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs). We compare the mechanical properties of fibers made of polymers and of composites with pristine SWNTs, mechanically interlocked derivatives of SWNTs (MINTs), and the corresponding supramolecular models. Improvements of both(More)
A simple one-pot process to exfoliate graphite and synthesize nanographene-dimesitylporphyrin hybrids has been developed. Despite the bulky mesityl groups, which are expected to hinder the efficient π-π stacking between the porphyrin core and graphene, the liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite is significantly favored by the presence of the porphyrins.(More)
The salt dependent radius of gyration of a polyelectrolyte in aqueous solution is calculated in an environment where the polyelectrolyte is surrounded by a permeable membrane that exchanges only solvent particles with the bulk. We obtain additionally the scaling exponent of the gyration radius as a function of the polymerization degree, and find that the(More)
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