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This paper describes work being undertaken as part of the IERAPSI (Integrated Environment for the Rehearsal and Panning of Surgical Intervention) project. The project is focussing on surgery for the petrous bone, and brings together a consortium of European clinicians and technology providers working in this field. The paper presents the results of a(More)
OBJECTIVE There has been a consistent concern about the inadvertent disclosure of personal information through peer-to-peer file sharing applications, such as Limewire and Morpheus. Examples of personal health and financial information being exposed have been published. We wanted to estimate the extent to which personal health information (PHI) is being(More)
BACKGROUND There are many benefits to open datasets. However, privacy concerns have hampered the widespread creation of open health data. There is a dearth of documented methods and case studies for the creation of public-use health data. We describe a new methodology for creating a longitudinal public health dataset in the context of the Heritage Health(More)
We built a system which prevents leaks of personal health information inadvertently disclosed in heterogeneous text data . The system works with free-form texts. We empirically tested the system on files gathered from peer-to-peer file exchange networks. This study presents our text analysis apparatus. We discuss adaptation of lexical sources used in(More)
BACKGROUND Users of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks risk the inadvertent disclosure of personal health information (PHI). In addition to potentially causing harm to the affected individuals, this can heighten the risk of data breaches for health information custodians. Automated PHI detection tools that crawl the P2P networks can identify PHI and(More)
BACKGROUND The public is concerned about the privacy of their health information, especially as more of it is collected, stored, and exchanged electronically. But we do not know the extent of leakage of personal health information (PHI) from data custodians. One form of data leakage is through computer equipment that is sold, donated, lost, or stolen from(More)
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