Emilio Mayayo Artal

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BACKGROUND Tumors metastatic to the breast are quite unusual (1.2% of all tumors). Malignant melanoma is an exception and is one of the principal metastasizing tumors, described mainly as a primary tumor. There are 5 different cytologic patterns; the spindled pattern is very uncommon, more difficult to diagnose and can be confused with a wide range of(More)
Infectious diseases caused by fungal pathogens have increased in the past 10 years. More than 300 pathogenic fungal species have been incriminated as the etiologic agents. We carried out a retrospective study (1994-2004) to evaluate the prevalence of mycoses at the University Hospital Joan XXIII (330 beds). This report found 0.24% of the studied cases(More)
OBJECTIVES We report one case of adrenal epithelioid angiosarcoma. METHODS We review the clinical and histopathological features of this rare adrenal sarcoma and perform a bibliographic review. RESULTS A 60 year old male without past medical history presented with a six week flank pain. CT scan and MRI showed a big adrenal tumor without renal(More)
BACKGROUND Primary cardiac lymphomas (PCL) are extremely rare in immunocompetent patients. Their pathogenesis seems obscure and a few studies which have sought Epstein Barr virus (EBV) agree that this is generally not demonstrable. CASES Two cases of cardiac lymphoma have been described. In both cases, as usually occurs, the histological diagnosis was(More)