Emilio M Nardone

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DTI-015 (BCNU in 100% ethanol) utilizes solvent facilitated perfusion for the intratumoral treatment of gliomas. The ethanol solvent vehicle facilitates a rapid and thorough saturation of the tumor with the dissolved anticancer agent BCNU. We conducted a phase I/II dose escalation study of DTI-015 in 40 heavily pretreated patients with inoperable recurrent(More)
INTRODUCTION The endovascular modality of treatment is the preferred treatment modality for DAVF. In some circumstances, successful obliteration may not be possible by endovascular means, and such cases may require a direct surgical treatment. The authors report on their experience with the use of cranial base approaches in the treatment of deep and complex(More)
OBJECTIVE AND SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Surgical treatment of lumbar disk herniation is traditionally accomplished by removal of the extruded fragment as well as an aggressive decompression of the disk space. This retrospective study evaluates the long-term results of limited discectomy, otherwise known as fragmentectomy, for lumbar disk herniation using a(More)
OBJECTIVE We assessed the value of intraoperative ultrasonography (IUS) in cervical corpectomy by using postoperative computed tomography (CT) for comparison. METHODS Twenty patients underwent a one-, two-, or three-level cervical corpectomy. The decompression was performed in a stepwise fashion, guided in each case by IUS findings until considered(More)
The authors report on the first such case of ganglioglioma and a malignant variant in the same individual without prior irradiation. Gangliogliomas are frequently encountered in children and young adults and have a predilection for the temporal lobes. Sporadic cases of malignant degeneration have been reported; however, most cases have undergone radiation(More)
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