Emilio García Roselló

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In this article, an ongoing research project held in the Computer Science department of the University of Vigo is described. Its main objective is to develop an interactive object-oriented environment, serving as a vehicle for learning object-oriented programming. It currently consists of a virtual machine, an assembler, compilers for two high-level(More)
In this work, we present a reusable software component library, called IMO.Net Artificial Neural Networks library, which encapsulates the functionality of the Matlab Neural Networks Toolbox (MNNT). The MNNT is a powerful tool to work with neural networks. However, MNNT has not been conceived as a reusable and integrable software piece, and its results are(More)
Designing a concurrent object oriented language isn't an easy task. After many years of research, the merging of concurrency and object oriented paradigms hasn't been achieved in a totally satisfactory way. Although recent models have partly solved important problems such as the inheritance anomaly, they do still present limitations due to the lack of(More)
A persistent system is a system in which data structures and data itself persist through executions of any process, as shown in reference 1. Under an object-oriented paradigm, the entities we need to make persistent are classes and objects, as explained in reference 2, and even compiled functions in some systems such as Barbados. A class is probably going(More)
CommerCial off-the-shelf (COTS) software is now present in nearly all engineering domains, and some COTS products—such as Mat-lab, AutoCAD, Rational, and Excel— are widely used. Although these products are designed for use as stand-alone applications, their broad domain func-tionality makes them good candidates for integration in larger systems, where they(More)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN's) are nowadays a common subject in different curric-ula of graduate and postgraduate studies. Due to the complex algorithms involved and the dynamic nature of ANN's, simulation software has been commonly used to teach this subject. This software has usually been developed specifically for learning purposes, because the(More)