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OBJECTIVE To report an uncommon case of testicular microlithiasis that was incidentally discovered. METHODS/RESULTS A case of bilateral testicular microlithiasis in an 8-year-old boy that presented with a left scrotal cystic mass is described. Testicular microlithiasis was discovered on ultrasound evaluation. CONCLUSIONS Bilateral testicular(More)
OBJECTIVE To report a case of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder metastatic to the right knee and review the literature. METHODS/RESULTS A 65-year-old patient who had refused to undergo surgery for a T2 N0 M0 bladder tumor in 1995 was admitted for poor general condition and a mass in the right knee. Biopsy confirmed bony metastasis of a carcinoma(More)
Forty-five patients diagnosed as having BPH and clinically diagnosed micturition disorders were entered in a therapeutic protocol. Twenty-five patients received Prazosin and the remaining 20 patients were treated with Serenoa Repens for a period of 12 weeks. The symptomatology was assessed by flowmetry and the patients were questioned as to the irritative(More)
Presentation of one case of penis-located multiple skin metastasis from prostate adenocarcinoma after hormonal blockade for 11 years. Revision and update of the topic, corroborating the poor prognosis of these patients.
We present a case of a 60 years old female patient, with previous depressive disorders, an attempted suicide with pelvic injuries, who comes showing two years evolution of emergence incontinence. The was diagnosed with a giant fecal impaction occuping almost all the pelvic zone and leading to a bladder displacement and right ureteral ectasis.
Description of one case of spontaneous fistulization between a renal calix and a descending colon, secondary to lithiasic pyonephrosis. Diagnosis was carried out by means of ascending pyelography without it being clinically suspected. Treatment is surgical, combining nephrectomy, fistula resection and closure of the colic gap. Etiology, favouring factors,(More)
Thrombosis of the renal vein in adult patients is a rare entity, commonly associated to tumoral masses or hypercoagulability states. Contribution of one case of thrombosis of the renal vein in an 83-year old male patient, and review of current literature.
OBJECTIVES To report the case of a female patient with ultrasound diagnosis of great left retroperitoneal hematoma admitted to the hospital for diagnostic workup and treatment. METHODS 39-year-old patient presenting with intense epigastric pain irradiated to both flanks. Hematuria was not present. CT scan and arteriography led to the diagnosis of(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the probabilities of total PSA, digital rectal examination (DRE) and PSA density in prostate cancer diagnosed by ultrasound-guided sextant prostate biopsy. METHODS The clinical records of 170 patients with elevated PSA levels and/or symptomatic BPH that had been referred to the outpatient services of the urology department were(More)