Emilio G. Segrè

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The major uncertainties associated with the direct impact of aerosols on climate call for fast and accurate characterization of their optical properties. Cavity ring down (CRD) spectroscopy provides highly sensitive measurement of aerosols' extinction coefficients from which the complex refractive index (RI) of the aerosol may be retrieved accurately for(More)
I must begin by thanking the Swedish Academy for the great honor they have bestowed on me. The names of the previous recipients of the Nobel Award, while lending great prestige to the Award, make me feel humble and dubious about my merits to join the company. However, I can only repeat my gratitude and think that my constant devotion to science may have(More)
This program benefits both the student interns and all students who take the Physics 111 course. Interns learn in-depth about the experiments they work on, gain skills in building the apparatus and testing complex systems as they would in a research lab, and build confidence in their ability to do science. In the Physics 111 lab, virtually every experiment(More)
The recent fiftieth anniversary celebrations marking the invention of the laser and the birth of modern nonlinear optics were major historical milestones. Theodore Maiman’s observation of laser action in ruby in May 1960 [1] provided the essential tool that enabled Peter Franken’s team at the University of Michigan to perform their legendary 1961 experiment(More)
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