Emilio Del Giudice

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Liquid water has been recognized long ago to be the matrix of many processes, including life and also rock dynamics. Interactions among biomolecules occur very differently in a non-aqueous system and are unable to produce life. This ability to make living processes possible implies a very peculiar structure of liquid water. According to modern Quantum Field(More)
In the framework of quantum field theory we discuss the emergence of a phase locking among the electromagnetic modes and the matter components on an extended space-time region. We discuss the formation of extended domains exhibiting in their fundamental states non-vanishing order parameters, whose existence is not included in the Lagrangian. Our discussion(More)
We examine in some detail the interaction of water molecules with the radiative electromagnetic field and find the existence of phase transitions from the vapor phase to a condensed phase where all molecules oscillate in unison, in tune with a self-trapped electromagnetic field within extended mesoscopic space regions (Coherence Domains). The properties of(More)
Some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency electromagnetic waves in high aqueous dilutions. This phenomenon appears to be triggered by the ambient electromagnetic background of very low frequency. We discuss this phenomenon in the framework of quantum field theory. A scheme able to account for the observations is(More)
1 G. Preparata [1] has stressed that when x becomes larger than a critical threshold, deuterons enter in a coherent oscillatory state. Deuterons while in the -phase (x<0.7 at room temperature), are confined in deep and narrow wells at definite lattice sites; this occurs since the d-shell electrons of Pd through their coherent oscillations produce(More)
The Raman spectra in the low 5–200 cm−1 frequency region of metabolically activeE. coli cells have been analyzed to determine whether they are indicators of a possible in vivo underlying order by applying standard concepts derived from the Raman spectroscopy of crystalline systems with varying degrees of order. The analysis suggests that in-vivo space-time(More)
We report the simultaneous production of excess enthalpy and of 4He in a one dimensional Palladium (Pd) stripe cathode electrolytically loaded with Deuterium (D), occurring when the stoichiometric ratio x=[D]/[Pd] exceeds 1. The excess heat is signalled by the local temperature rise, measured by a commercial Peltier element in good thermal contact with the(More)