Emilio Carlos Nelli Silva

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Multiactuated piezoelectric flextensional actuators (MAPFAs) is a fast-growing technology in development, with a wide range of applications in precision mechanics and nanotechnology. In turn, optical interferometry is an adequate technique to measure nano/micro-displacements and to characterize these MAPFAs. In this work, an efficient method for homodyne(More)
The application of functionally graded material (FGM) concept to piezoelectric transducers allows the design of composite transducers without interfaces, due to the continuous change of property values. Thus, large improvements can be achieved, as reduction of stress concentration, increasing of bonding strength, and bandwidth. This work proposes to design(More)
Piezoelectric transducers are widely used in highresolution positioning systems. This paper reports the experimental analysis of a novel piezoelectric flextensional actuator (PFA), which is designed by using the topology-optimization method through a low-cost homodyne Michelson interferometer. By applying the J1−J4 method for signal demodulation, which(More)
In this work, nanometric displacement amplitudes of a Piezoelectric Flextensional Actuator (PFA) designed using the topology optimization technique and operating in its linear range are measured by using a homodyne Michelson interferometer. A new improved version of the J1...J4 method for optical phase measurements, named J1...J5 method, is presented, which(More)
A linear acoustic levitation transportation system based on a ring-type vibrator is presented. The system is composed by two 21-kHz Langevin transducers connected to a ring-shaped structure formed by two semicircular sections and two flat plates. In this system, a flexural standing wave is generated along the ring structure, producing an acoustic standing(More)
Piezoelectric materials generate displacements when an electric potential is applied and, electric potential when they are subjected to forces or pressure. Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) are composite advanced materials, which are made by changing gradually the properties with position inside material domain. The application of FGM concept to(More)
The class of piezoelectric actuators considered in this paper consists of a multi-flexible structure actuated by two or more piezoceramic devices that must generate different output displacements and forces at different specified points of the domain and in different directions. The devices were modeled by finite element using the software ANSYS and the(More)
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