Emilio Alted-López

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UNLABELLED Previous studies have compared sedation profiles with midazolam (Mz) and propofol (Pf), particularly in heterogeneous populations of patients. Decreases in blood pressure and heart rate have been reported after the administration of propofol. These side effects are potentially deleterious in severe trauma patients, particularly in patients with(More)
OBJECTIVES Our purpose is to validate previously described massive transfusion (MT) scoring in our Transfusion Trauma Registry. DESIGN A retrospective cohort of adult trauma patients. SETTING Trauma and Emergency Intensive Care Unit of a tertiary hospital. PATIENTS Patients with severe trauma (injury severity score>15) admitted from October 2006 to(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the epidemiological and injury profile of patients severely injured due to all-terrain vehicle accidents admitted to the Trauma ICU of a tertiary hospital. METHODS Descriptive observational study including all patients admitted to our ICU who suffered an all-terrain vehicle accident in the last three years, included prospectively in(More)
OBJECTIVE To study de prognostic value and the difference between genders in the injury mechanism and pattern of multiple trauma patients. DESIGN Prospective descriptive observational study. SETTING Trauma Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a tertiary hospital equipped with an heliport. Patients. 953 patients consecutively admitted to ICU between 2003 and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess pain response on patients with moderate to severe head injury before a common nursing procedure: tracheal suctioning. MATERIAL AND METHOD An observational longitudinal pilot study with consecutive sampling performed from September to December of 2012. Pain was assessed by a pain behavioral indicator scale 5 minutes before, meanwhile(More)
In recent decades, numerous studies have compared survival according to gender of patients admitted to general hospitals and particularly to intensive care units. In a previous issue of Critical Care, Schoeneberg and colleagues presented the results of a German observational study on a sample from a 10 year registry in a Level 1 trauma center. The(More)
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