Emilien Ghomi

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This paper presents Arpège, a progressive multitouch input technique for learning chords, as well as a robust recognizer and guidelines for building large chord vocabularies. Experiment one validated our design guidelines and suggests implications for designing vocabularies, i.e. users prefer relaxed to tense chords, chords with fewer fingers and(More)
While interaction techniques that use the temporal dimension have been used for a long time, such as multiple clicks or spring-loaded widgets, more advanced uses of <i>rhythmic patterns</i> have received little attention in HCI. Using such temporal structures to convey information can be particularly useful in situations where the visual channel is(More)
This article proposes simple guidelines for generating multi-finger chord gesture sets that specifically account for physiological and motor characteristics of the human hand. We illustrate these guidelines with a sample gesture set. Our first study shows that multi-touch chord gestures can be significantly faster than pointing on a tool palette, but they(More)
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