Emilie Young

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This tutorial demonstrates how to apply animation and fihn craft to user interface design. The instructors present the general principles of fihn craft with particular attention to the practical details that have proven relevant to their user interface designs. Then, these principles are applied to user interface design problems. Why should the(More)
At U S WEST Advanced Technologies, we have been using a method we call Video Prototyping to simulate interface ideas for over a dozen software design projects. It is similar to the work described by Curtis and Vertelney [1], because we create a simple stop-motion animation depicting user interface design concepts. However, Video Prototyping requires no(More)
A distributed testbed for investigating the issues involved in distributed applications, studying different concepts and algorithms in practice, and gaining practical experience in utilizing distributed systems of various configurations is discussed. This testbed environment uses a network of Sun workstations (connected by an Ethernet) to emulate the(More)
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