Emilie Schlumberger

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Deprivation of sensory input affects neurological development. Our objective was to explore clinically the role of hearing in development of sensorimotor integration and non-verbal cognition. The study involved 54 children (15 males, 839 females; 5 to 9 years old) with severe or profound bilateral prelocutive deafness but without neurological or cognitive(More)
The authors systematically treated 94 patients with West syndrome using the same protocol of sodium valproate and steroids, starting with hydrocortisone (HC) orally for two weeks. If seizures stopped, HC was withdrawn; if they persisted, tetracosactrin (TA; synthetic ACTH) was administered for another two weeks then HC was slowly withdrawn. 90 per cent of(More)
BACKGROUND LTG is a new antiepileptic drug that is nowadays very often used in epileptic patients. OBJECTIVES To determine efficacy and safety of Lamotrigine (LTG) in the first five years after its marketing in patients at a third level university hospital, as well as its impact on the management of classic antiepileptic drugs (AED). PATIENTS AND METHOD(More)
AIM To describe the contribution made by consultations for learning disorders through their specific aims. DEVELOPMENT The prognosis of children with specific learning difficulties, suffering from dysphasia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysexecutive or dysattentional syndrome, partly depends on whether the methods and materials required for their(More)
INTRODUCTION Coordinating professionals for the initial assessment and treatment of children with learning difficulties is a complicated task. DEVELOPMENT Initial contact with the sources of information, the history and physical examination, a fast neuropsychological evaluation and requesting suitable tests allow the professional to reach an evaluation(More)
AIMS The development and multiplication of information about learning disorders leads to the need to systematise the knowledge available and to base it on the clinical data. DEVELOPMENT Apart from trouble-free diagnoses, non-verbal learning disorders are characterised by their high comorbidity rate. They are associated to attention deficit with or without(More)
OBJECTIVE To know the frequency of Todd s paralysis during the video EEG monitoring studies, to investigate in its pathophysiology, and to confirm its value to localise the epileptic focus. PATIENTS AND METHODS We reviewed 114 monitoring studies, in 102 patients. RESULTS Sixty patients had epileptic seizures. An obvious paresis was noted in four(More)
INTRODUCTION The vagal nerve stimulation is a new technique for the treatment of drug resistant epilepsies. DEVELOPMENT In 1997, it was approved in United States by the FDA to be used in adults with refractory focal epilepsies not candidates for epilepsy surgery. Its mechanism of action is unknown. The results in the controlled studies indicated a(More)