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Microprocessor, Setx, Xrn2, and Rrp6 Co-operate to Induce Premature Termination of Transcription by RNAPII
Transcription elongation is increasingly recognized as an important mechanism of gene regulation. Here, we show that microprocessor controls gene expression in an RNAi-independent manner.Expand
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The proteasome regulates HIV-1 transcription by both proteolytic and nonproteolytic mechanisms.
Although the proteasome facilitates transcription from several yeast promoters, it is unclear if its role is proteolytic or which subunits are involved. We show that the proteasome regulates theExpand
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Spt6 levels are modulated by PAAF1 and proteasome to regulate the HIV-1 LTR
BackgroundTat-mediated activation of the HIV-1 promoter depends upon a proteasome-associated factor, PAAF1, which dissociates 26S proteasome to produce 19S RP that is essential for transcriptionalExpand
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Nuclear RNA surveillance complexes silence HIV-1 transcription
Expression from the HIV-1 LTR can be repressed in a small population of cells, which contributes to the latent reservoir. The factors mediating this repression have not been clearly elucidated. WeExpand
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Simple apparatus for contact angle measurements by the heavy drop method
An apparatus for measuring contact angles by the heavy drop method is proposed. After a few introductory considerations, the article reviews some experimental methods and shows their main advantagesExpand
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The Diffraction Limited Spectro-Polarimeter: a new instrument for high-resolution solar polarimetry
The National Solar Observatory in collaboration with the High-Altitude Observatory is developing a new solar polarimeter, the Diffraction Limited Spectro-Polarimeter. In conjunction with a newExpand
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