Emilie Poirson

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Ten adult patients with warm antibody haemolytic anaemia at initial presentation and seven other patients with either refractory AIHA (two patients) or who relapsed after an initial response to prednisone (five patients) were treated with both Danazol and prednisone. 80% of the first group, but also 60% of the second group displayed long-lasting responses(More)
This study focuses on a particular attribute of trumpet tones, the brightness, and on the physical characteristics of the instrument thought to govern its magnitude. On the one hand, an objective study was carried out with input impedance measurements, and, on the other hand, a subjective study with hearing tests and a panel of subjects. To create a set of(More)
This paper describes a user-centered design method, which allows the integration of user's perceptions in different stages of the design process, by taking into account his/her needs and preferences. It relies on two domains which remain generally distinct: the design with a scientific approach (generally math-based) and the integration of users'(More)
Component and facility layout plays an important role in the design and usability of many engineering products and systems as mechanical design, process plan, management and architecture including ship compartment layout,... Because of the great complexity of most industrial layout problems, the decision of the acceptable layout is a hard and critical task(More)
Vehicles makers are now extremely concerned by the perceived quality of their products. For the design of many parts of vehicles, sensory profiling techniques are used, which are traditionally carried out by experts. These tests incur a significant financial effort and are time consuming. We propose in this paper an evaluation method with naive subjects,(More)
The accessibility verification of the assembly/disassembly plays an important role in the process of product design. In the last decade, the sampling based motion planners have been successfully applied to solve the accessibility verification. However, the narrow passage which is a common problem in the assembly tasks is still a bottleneck. Meanwhile, the(More)
Numerical models and computer-aided modeling software are tools commonly used to assess the accessibility of an environment, based on static human body dimensions. In this paper, the limits of validity of these approaches are assessed by comparing the reach envelopes obtained by these methods to those obtained experimentally. First, the accessibility areas(More)