Emilie Feldman

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The rates of school injuries were examined by means of a prospective study of 212 schools during the 1981-82 school year. The results showed an annual incidence rate of 5.4 injury events/100 children, which appears to be an underestimate of the actual rate. Of all the injury events 28.7% resulted in serious injuries. Injuries were significantly more(More)
Many of the studies regarding children's acquisition of prevailing cultural concepts of physical attractiveness are flawed by small and unrepresentative samples, measurement instruments of questionable reliability and validity, and experimental designs that do not protect against bias. Additional studies in which these methodologic flaws are overcome must(More)
The objectives of many graduate programs in the health sciences include the development of various personal characteristics, attitudes, and beliefs. A study was carried out to assess whether personal characteristics of graduate students could be affected by program participation and, if so, which specific personal characteristics could be changed. Three(More)
BACKGROUND In 1989, the federal government mandated that the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) appoint expert panels to develop clinical practice guidelines to define standards for the provision and quality of health care. There is uncertainty about physicians' awareness and attitudes concerning guidelines. METHODS We surveyed 992 members(More)
The rancor accompanying the repeal of most of the 1988 Medicare Catastrophic Act reflects both the national need to improve health and long-term care benefits for the elderly and the political obstacles to finding new sources of financing for such benefits. Neither the need nor the obstacles will go away, but policymakers are now likely to look for(More)
The term "minor depression" has had several accepted definitions with differing diagnostic criteria. A review of papers published during the period 1991-1996, in which minor depression was a component of the study, demonstrates the extent of these differences. The heterogeneity of definitions of minor depression has been an obstacle to research on a mental(More)
One controversy regarding childhood sexual abuse is whether the increased rate of reported cases reflects a true increase in prevalence. In this report, data obtained in the 1970s and 1980s were compared with those of the 1940s. Using predetermined criteria for quality of information, commonality of definitions of childhood sexual abuse, and research(More)
We investigate the information content and forecast accuracy of 1,793 analyst reports written around 62 spinoffs––a setting in which analysts’ ability to inform investors is potentially very high. We find that analysts pay little attention to subsidiaries about to be spun off even though these subsidiaries constitute a significant part of the parent company(More)