Emilie Elvira-Matelot

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Large deletions in the first intron of the With No lysine (K) 1 (WNK1) gene are responsible for Familial Hyperkalemic Hypertension (FHHt), a rare form of human hypertension associated with hyperkalemia and hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis. We generated a mouse model of WNK1-associated FHHt to explore the consequences of this intronic deletion. WNK1(+/FHHt)(More)
Large deletions in intron 1 of the with-no-lysine kinase type 1 (WNK1) gene cause familial hyperkalemic hypertension. Alternative promoters generate functionally different isoforms: long ubiquitous isoforms (L-WNK1) and a kidney-specific isoform (KS-WNK1) lacking kinase activity. It remains unclear whether the disease-causing mutations selectively modify(More)
WNK1 and WNK4 encode two members of the WNK serine-threonine kinase subfamily. Greater WNK1 expression associates with higher BP. A combination of promoters, enhancers, repressors, and insulators regulate WNK1 expression, but whether microRNAs also modulate WNK1 expression is unknown. Here, computational analysis revealed the presence of a target sequence(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This review aims to describe the recent findings obtained on the regulation of ion transport by microRNAs in physiological and pathological situations in different organs and organisms. RECENT FINDINGS The number of ion channels or transporters can be regulated by increasing or decreasing the transcription and/or translation of the(More)
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